Wednesday, September 19, 2012

July/August sensory bin

Ellie is 19/20 months old

Did you see what I did there? Just totally ignored the fact I didn't change my sensory bin at all in May or June. Moving right along...

July and August's theme (yeah, summer was busy...) was garden/backyard. 

It contains: mixed brown and green lentils, two small terracotta pots, a rock from our California trip, a pinwheel (from a set of three from the Dollar Tree), a wooden birdhouse from Michael's, a red cardinal (from a Christmas basket that fell apart), three felt butterflies (from Michael's clearance), three pinecones (from our yard), a bear claw (from Chik-Fil-A), and a rake and shovel (from Dollar Tree).

The first time Ellie was introduced to the bin, she was mostly concerned about getting the bird in the house.

Eventually, she got around to exploring other things. She loved the "atterbyes" (butterflies), how the rake felt on her legs, trying to blow the pinwheel and scooping (then scattering) the lentils in the pots.

By the end of the two months playing with this bin, she was still enamored with getting the bird in the house, she had gotten much better at raking and scooping, and I was SICK of lentils. Seriously. Those things stick to your feet, to the carpet, to everything.