Thursday, October 23, 2014

Pom pom sensory bin

Easiest bin ever. Have I said that before? Well, I lied. This one is the winner.

Here's what Sam (14 months old) got out of this:

  • Fine motor skill practice: scooping, turning his hand over to dump a pom out of the spoon, pincher grasp, coordination
  • Transferring
  • Colors: matching, sorting, putting poms in bowls
  • Counting (hearing me do it!)
  • One-to-one correspondence (in the ice cube tray)
  • Vocabulary development: empty/full, more/less
  • Size: sorting, sequencing, vocabulary
  • Gravity lesson: rolling a bucket of poms down the tilted lid
  • Throwing!
  • Persistence (those tongs were way too hard)

And for Ellie (3 years, 10 months), I also worked on patterning and addition/subtraction. 

Sam will play with this for 45 minutes by himself. Ellie loves using it for pretend play -- the poms have been cookies/muffins/ice cream scoops, rain/snow, party confetti, etc. 

Pom Pom Sensory Bin: pom poms (multiple sizes/colors), ice cube tray, metal tongs, various bowls and buckets. 

Side benefit, I owned everything (and you probably do too), so it was free!

PS, have I quit blogging? Maybe a little.