Thursday, August 29, 2013

Cleaning baskets

Now that there's two kids in the house, I'm seeing the need for both more structure and more flexibility in our day-to-day schedule. So I'm finally (hopefully) biting the bullet and scheduling chore times for both Ellie and me.

On a recent trip to the Dollar Store, I put together a couple Montessori-type baskets for window cleaning, dusting and sweeping.

Window washing: spray bottle with window cleaner, squeegee, window wipes.

Dusting: just a duster for now. When she's ready, I'll add furniture polish.

Sweeping: a mini broom and dustbin and "magic eraser" knock off for scuffs. I'm going to add Bounce sheets for baseboards soon.

Luckily, we're at an age where this is all SO MUCH FUN and she begged to do more and more windows and more and more dusting. The sweeping wasn't as exciting quite yet...