Monday, July 2, 2012

Dollar store haul!

$33. For ALL of this. 

Yes, I got to do every mommy's dream, which is of course to shop alone. It was quite a productive trip, and included this bountiful haul from the Dollar Tree.

I got:

  • 3 pool noodles: for water table, "bead" stringing, and this idea
  • Rubber placemats: for painting/printing
  • A variety of sponges, loofahs and scrubbers, with different handles, textures and bristles: for water table and painting/printing (like this and this)
  • A pack of combs: for painting
  • A pack of sandpaper (different coarseness): for a variety of activities, like this
  • Fish sand mold: for sand table and beach
  • Mini loaf pan and measuring cup/spoon set: for her 2nd birthday play kitchen
  • A muffin tin: for muffin tin lunches (which we've been doing recently and she LOVES)
  • Brown paper bags: for a variety of activities, including this one
  • Glow sticks: to try all sorts of crazy ideas from Pinterest, like this

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