Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Pumpkin activities

We got two pumpkins from the grocery store last week. They lent themselves to a lot of perfect potty-training day (yay!) activities.

Scooping out the seeds from the big pumpkin.


She wanted to see what was in the little pumpkin, too. I hadn't planned on cutting it, but who am I to stifle curiosity? She said the "lid" looked like a flower :-)

Peeking inside to make sure we got all the seeds out.

Prepping pumpkin seeds for cooking. We used olive oil, salt and cumin, and roasted at 350 for 10 minutes. Delish.

Painting her pumpkins.

Painting the inside "flower"

We used fingers and brushes, and did LOTS of impromptu color mixing.

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