Sunday, December 30, 2012

Color mixing

Ellie is 24/25 months old

Ellie has become very interested in painting, colors and color mixing. It started with a water activity she did with Ryan one day:

We started incorporating that idea into painting. We did one for purple, orange and green. The setup was similar for each one -- two colors of tempera paint on a paper plate, a piece of paper for her to experiment with, and color-coordinated tools (either one of the primary colors or secondary color we were making). 

Purple -- red and blue paint, with a blue loofah and red roller. Ignore the yellow sponge -- that was from painting Christmas ornaments, which is how this whole thing started. 

Orange -- yellow and red paint, with a red scraper and a slice of an orange, flower-shaped pool noodle.

Green -- yellow and blue paint, with a blue scraper, yellow and blue paintbrush and blue and green scrubber. She spent most of this time painting her arm. I can't entirely blame her, as these didn't mix into a very pretty color of green.

Here are the final products -- orange, green and purple. 

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