Friday, June 7, 2013

Busy boxes

I did these in a couple hours as an option for Ellie when I'm nursing Sam in a couple months. She is GREAT at playing by herself -- as long as I'm talking to her and paying attention (we're in "Watch me!" phase). So I am trying to get as many independent activities ready for her now! 

I bought six Sterlite snap containers from Target for $16 total ($8 for a set of three, one of which includes a divider bin). Each is themed:

Thick ribbon, thin ribbon, pipe cleaners, wooden beads (disks, spools, spheres and colored blocks), pasta, pool noodle slices, buttons, pony beads

Scissors, sandpaper, plastic mesh, ribbon, straws, pipe cleaners, rubber bands

Glue stick, glitter glue, tissue paper, googly eyes, poms, feathers, gems, paper (stored under the green sorter)

Plastic placemat with big holes, embroidery frame, plastic mesh, buttons, wooden spools, yarn, learning needles

Melissa and Doug baby animals set, handmade stamps (wooden "handles" with foam stickers), paper

Play-Dough, clay tools, colored wooden rods, PVC rollers, scissors (not shown)

I hope this is an indication of the future...Ellie played with the lacing box by herself while I put together the other five!

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