Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Adhesive bandage name art

Am I allowed to just say Band-Aid? My journalism background says no...sigh. Well, these are Dollar Tree 40-for-a-buck multi-colored adhesive bandages!

Ellie is WAY into the boo-boo stage. Like, the stage where she puts a bandage on a boo-boo and then when it falls off, the boo-boo has mysteriously traveled to the other leg. The stage where bruises, scrapes, blisters and sometimes dirt are cause to request a bandage. I mostly blame my wonderful husband, who bought her princess Band-Aids as a fun surprise. There's no going back from that, kids.

She's also way into "E for Ellie!" Every car ride is now a hunt for the letter on signs, the sides of trucks, etc. She gets SO excited to find Es on street signs when we're on walks, or in her books, or really, anywhere. Just this afternoon she was having M&Ms as a treat at Nana's, and she turned one sideways and insisted it was an "E for Ellie!" At some point, I guess I'll have to break it to her that the name of the letter is not, in fact, E-for-Ellie.

I decided it would be fun for her to get to use bandages in a different way, and to get to play with some of the letters in her name.

I wrote her name (luckily, her name in capital letters is all straight lines) on paper, and then let her put the bandages over the lines to make the letters. I had to show her the first one, and then she caught right on and loved picking the colors and lining up the lines. Plus, it was GREAT fine motor practice -- opening the bandages, peeling off the backing and sticking them down. She spent a solid 20 minutes on this, and then promptly hung it on our fridge!

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