Friday, December 30, 2011

Raisin container roller

This was another idea from our Parents as Teachers educator. I cut out a bunch of photos of babies and kids from magazines and taped them to an empty raisin container (the big round ones). Then I ran a sheet of contact paper around it to secure the whole thing. This was a great entertainment for tummy time, something to chase when she was starting to crawl, and now works well for talking about emotions and facial features.

I found it surprising how difficult it was to find kids who weren't white with blond or brown hair. I found one redhead, a couple Asian kids, one or two African-American children, and one baby with Down Syndrome. I couldn't find any with braces, glasses, wheelchairs, etc.! But at least it's a start! I also worked to find kids with obvious facial emotions -- scared, crying, happy, sleeping, etc.

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