Tuesday, March 10, 2015

More healthy movie nights

As I said in my first movie night post, I'm a huge fan of the fun of theming movie night dinners. But eating healthy at home is super important to our family, and I've struggled to find ideas that work.

For us, eating healthy on movie night looks like:
  • Appropriate ratios of vegetables, fruit, protein, and whole grains (when possible)
  • Trying new foods
  • Limiting high-fat foods
  • Limiting sugar
  • No food dye
Here are some more of our recent menus.

The Incredibles

  • Mr. Incredible power protein pork
  • Elastigirl twisty pasta with Jack-Jack’s fiery sauce (simple syrup + red pepper flakes -- the little bit of sugar balances out the red pepper and creates a nice spicy sauce kiddos will still like)
  • Dash's fast fruit salad
  • Violet's violet veggie stack (roasted eggplant, purple potato, purple carrot, cabbage force field)
  • Frozone's frozen banana swirl (just blend frozen banana chunks until it's smooth like ice cream -- the kids have no idea there's no sugar in it. It's DELICIOUS)


  • “Turkey” legs (chicken drumsticks)
  • Carrot ribbons for Merida's hair
  • Neeps and tatties (potatoes and turnips)
  • Red pepper bow with asparagus arrows
  • Sweet buns (cinnamon rolls)
  • Chocolate teddy grahams

Sleeping Beauty

  • Chicken cordon bleu with toothpick “spindles"
  • Berry baskets
  • Pretzel rod wands
  • Broccoli forest
  • Pink sorbet

Toy Story 3

  • Woody’s badge star frittata
  • Buzz Lightyear salad
  • Mr. Potato Head baked potato with veggie faces
  • Lotso strawberries
  • Jessie’s braid Twizzler

Wreck It Ralph

  • Felix's chicken pot pie
  • Sour Bill peas
  • Round apple slice medals
  • Candy cars (Swiss cake rolls for the base, icing to hold stuff on, mini Oreos, etc. -- I bought what was on sale and let the kids decorate!)

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