Sunday, January 8, 2012


Ellie is 13 months old

Confession: sometimes, I get bored with Ellie's toys. I love that she's entertained by endlessly rolling balls down a slide or singing Old McDonald with her farm (and I am incredibly grateful for these toys precisely BECAUSE she loves playing with them over and over). But momma gets a little sick of watching the panda flip up over and over.

But blocks? I could play with blocks all day. All. Day.

We have four awesome sets of blocks.

  • Green Toys: these are great first blocks and stack really easily, but are harder to incorporate into other structures
  • Alphabet blocks: love the bold pattern on these, and they're a great size for little hands to hold and stack
  • Haba fantasy land blocks: beautiful blocks that add a lot of creativity to building, plus have some really interesting shapes
  • Melissa and Doug's 60-piece set: the workhorse set, with a ton of different sizes and shapes, all very nicely cut and sanded from nice heavy wood
We also have some blocks that came with her toddle truck (which we all LOVE, by the way). 

Today, we got them all out and started building.
Digging through her box of blocks

Mommy's beautiful city of block towers

(almost) total annihilation!

Ryan wasn't feeling well and was lying on the couch. For 15 minutes, Ellie carried one block at a time from me to Ryan and waited for him to add it to his pile...then toddled back for more. It was incredibly adorable :-)

P.S. I am not nearly famous enough to review products, so these were all purchased by us or as gifts for Ellie.

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