Friday, January 6, 2012

Snow painting

Ellie is 13 months old

I decided to start planning some activities for Ellie this year -- just a couple of things a week that are based in art, music, reading, building or exploring. Because I'm me, I wanted each month to have a theme. I picked "snow" for January. We all know how that's turned out (in case you don't, I'll give you a hint -- we spent about 4 hours outside today, with no coats, barefoot part of the time).

This was Ellie's first official art project. I found this on Pinterest (this will be a theme in the posts to come, I'm sure). It's AWESOME stuff. You mix one part shaving cream and one part white glue. I did enough to make 1/3 cup total, which was more than enough for our two paintings.

I put a giant glob on a piece of construction paper. You'll notice a dropcloth under us -- it turns out this wasn't really necessary, as this stuff is very washable, at least when wet. This ended up being a huge blessing (more on that later).

She started by using one finger and poking at it, then two fingers and pinching it. 

She quickly realized this stuff was awesome and started smearing it all over her hands. It was a good chance to talk about texture -- slimy and squishy!

She then decided it was WAY more fun to paint Mommy's pants. This is where the washable-ness came in quite handy. 

Our finished masterpieces. This stuff is SO neat when it dries -- really spongy and mushy and a whole other fun activity!

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