Sunday, April 1, 2012

April sensory bin

Ellie is 16 months old

This has been a slower month projects and activity-wise because we're getting ready to move! This is great news but means I've had less time to plan things for Ellie.

March's bin may have been Ellie's favorite yet. The pasta was perfect for all the in-and-out in the different containers. 

Here's April's bin:

It contains: dried beans, wooden truck, six bouncy balls (two each with an airplane, car and train), two plastic submarines (these are from Dollar Tree and with baking soda in them, bubble and float), two cars (also from Dollar Tree -- you blow up the balloons and it propels the car), a set of tongs, one of the orange silicone cups (like an orange traffic cone maybe?), a small plastic box with a red lid, and some assorted scoopers.

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  1. Love it! The bright colors are engaging to me for some reason.