Wednesday, February 29, 2012

March sensory bin and the end of the February bin

Ellie is 15 months old

By the end of February's bin, Ellie had become enamored with two new things: scooping and sorting. It was so much fun to watch her discover and initiate these on her own.

Trying to figure out how to get those little, slippery beans onto the teaspoon (hint: turn it right side up)

I brought out a jar to store the beans in, and she started finding all the red jewels and dropping them in

Not super advanced sorting, but she was so deliberate!

Here's March's bin. 

It's mostly to work on transferring, scooping and fine motor skills. It was one of my more expensive bins, but that's because of the tools, which are all reusable. 

It includes bowtie pasta (three boxes of the cheapest brand, which was 97 cents a box I think), the silicone muffin tin from last month ($10 on Amazon), a 2-cup plastic measuring cup ($1 at the Dollar Store), a mini glass mug ($1 at the Dollar Store), a 6-pack of silicone mini pinch cups ($2 I think at Hobby Lobby), a large measuring scoop ($1 in a set from the Dollar Store), three different tongs ($1 each I think at Hobby Lobby) and a glass jar with a wooden spoon (a few bucks from Hobby Lobby) that I filled with coffee beans. 

Update: I took the coffee out because turns out it will stain white carpet. Whoops. I got out the stain but decided to keep those packed up until we're on the tile floor in our new house!

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