Friday, February 10, 2012

Paint swatch color matching

Is 14 months too young for color matching? Just kidding. But set a girl loose on Pinterest and all kinds of crazy things can happen! I originally went to get paint chips to experiment with a project like this. When I got to Lowe's to collect my swatches, I saw these awesome windowed paint chips and decided to experiment.

I came up with a color matching game I'm excited about because it's really flexible. Here's what I did:

Here are the swatches I picked up.

I trimmed off the tops and bottoms.

The windows were 3/4" high, so I cut a 1" strip from the top of the swatch.

I made clothespins to hold the pairs together. One side has the name written in the same color, and a colored swatch (top row). The other side is just the word in black (bottom row). In this picture, the strips are matched behind the windows (you can kind of make out the windows). 

Now, obviously Ellie won't be doing this quite yet. But my thought is that we'll start with just matching the colors and using the clothespins for fine motor practice. Then we can start working on matching clothespins with the colored side. The activity can grow even more by cutting apart the windows and matching all three shades, then cutting apart the strips and having 27 different things to match. The plain side of the clothespin can be used when she starts reading. So hopefully, I just made a TOTALLY FREE activity that can last for the next 4+ years!

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