Saturday, February 11, 2012

Contact paper collage

Ellie is 14 months old

Ellie has recently been fascinated with stickers and nametags. She loves them at Gymboree, at church and after ballet (when I give all the kids a sticker). I had seen this activity and thought a modified version would be fun for her while we were watching the Super Bowl so she didn't watch TV :-)

I taped contact paper to a dropcloth. It would have been MUCH easier on a table, but we didn't have a table by our TV, so I just used a dropcloth. Then I gave Ellie a bunch of tissue paper and let her go at it.

She loved putting her hands on it, walking barefoot on it and poking down pieces of the paper. Then she started trying to peel them off and looking at me saying "guck" (stuck) and "off." She got bored pretty quickly after that. I think she may have enjoyed it more if she wasn't tired!

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