Monday, February 20, 2012

Organizing keepsakes

I'll admit it -- I'm a sentimental person. I tend to hoard things of sentimental value and easily chuck those without (side note: I learned early on in my marriage that I need to make sure things aren't sentimental to my husband before I put them in the bag for Goodwill...).

I know I will need to limit myself of what I save of Ellie's, and how I store it. But there were a few things in her first year that I definitely 100% want to save -- her going-home outfit (and the turkey bunting she got at St. Luke's because we went home on Thanksgiving!), her first Christmas dress, the Halloween costume my mom slaved over, the first outfit my grandma made her. But I want Ellie to eventually know about these things too, and not have to ask me what they all were.

I decided to make printed tags for each item with a short explanation of what it was and why it's important and sentimental. Then I got a photo printed of her wearing each thing (or with each thing, like her first birthday photo banner). I safety pinned the tag and photo to the actual item, and I'm keeping them in the cedar chest Ryan and I got as Ellie's first birthday present.

Here's a few of them -- the turkey bunting, the tank dress from my grandma, and her first Easter and Christmas dresses. 

I know I probably won't be able to keep this up for all of the stuff we'll eventually keep for all our kids. But as long as I can, I want to document in this way!

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